My sustainable architecture story

David Holland, architect in Worcester delivering sustainable architecture

I set up my own architect’s practice because I wanted to take a different approach to how I worked. We’ve been witnessing a general increase in awareness of issues around sustainability, waste and ethics in the UK for a decade or so now, but when it comes to architecture and construction, it seems to me to be lagging far behind. I wanted to make it my mission to strike a better balance between beautiful design, sustainability and ethical living, and more than that, I wanted to make this kind of architecture more accessible to the people and businesses of Worcestershire, Warwickshire and the Cotswolds.

This ethos now underpins every aspect of my practice, from the way I design and deliver projects, to the way I manage my business and the companies and organisations I choose to support.

Before setting up my own architecture studio, I worked for, and co-directed, a well-established architectural practice in Worcestershire, gaining 13 years' worth of valuable experience and expertise. I worked with domestic clients on residential projects throughout the Midlands, including extensions, remodels and new-builds; conservation projects; and with businesses, schools and charities. During that time, I also studied at the Birmingham School of Architecture, where, as well as gaining first-class degrees and graduating with distinction, my work was nominated for the RIBA President’s Bronze Medal, and I was awarded The Louisa Ann Ryland travel scholarship.

I now enjoy being able to put all of that professional experience and creativity to good use by combining it with what I’m really passionate about; sustainable and ethical living. I continue to work with a range of clients, including domestic clients, independent business, and charities all sharing my core values; everyday people who want to invest in making their future a sustainable and ethical one.