Residential architecture projects

Residential extension and interior design concept

Residential architecture projects offer some of the most exciting opportunities for innovative and sustainable design. I have a vast amount of experience working with clients on a range of different types of architecture projects throughout Worcestershire, Warwickshire and beyond. These range from internal remodelling for the home, low-energy retrofit, and small extensions, through to one-off zero carbon barn conversions and new-build houses.

When I work with domestic clients, I really enjoy taking a collaborative approach, helping to develop a brief, involving the client with the design process, and ‘hand-holding’ for inexperienced clients during the process of finding builders and bringing the project to fruition. You can find a summary of the services I typically offer here, but this can be tailored to your specific requirements: I can do everything from a half-day design workshop to come up with some preliminary ideas, through to a full-blown suite of architecture services. I’m always happy to discuss these options with you and advise on what I think the most suitable approach is.

My approach to residential projects is consistent with my overall approach to architecture and design. By that I mean I always strive to achieve results that are sustainable and beautiful. I tend to work mostly with clients who are like-minded in this regard: People who value quality and craftsmanship; who care about the environment and their impact on the planet; and who want to create something that is timeless and will last for generations. If that sounds like you, and you’re planning a project, please say hello! It all starts with a conversation. Or if you’re not ready yet, take a look at some of my sustainable architecture projects.