Architectural conservation projects

For centuries, people have used simple everyday materials, and put them together to create beautiful and characterful places. Hundreds of years later, these places tell the stories of our history and through architectural conservation, we can preserve these stories and continue to tell them for years to come. They are vitally important, not only because of the historic value they hold, but because of what we can learn from them about sustainable building methods; locally-sourced materials, put together simply, but carefully.

In my time as a sustainable architect, I’ve been privileged enough to work on a range of conservation projects. I’ve worked on listed buildings, scheduled ancient monuments, and in conservation areas. By partnering with local experts, I’m able to build a bespoke team of trusted professionals who can undertake even the most sensitive of works, whilst still delivering a well-thought out piece of architecture. If you have a project like this, please get in touch.